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The St. Petersburg Materials Science and Technology Research Center in Russia has developed a new method for producing diamond composite materials: diamond composite materials of large size and required shape can be obtained without high pressure.

Usually, industrial superhard and high-strength materials are composed of diamond composite materials, which are obtained by artificially synthesizing diamonds inlaid on a particular base material. Therefore, the performance requirements for this base material are very high. First of all, the material is required to have the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, and good wear resistance. Secondly, the chemical structure of the material must be complete, and it must be able to bond firmly with diamonds under chemical action. At the same time, the physical properties of the base material must be similar to diamond; otherwise, the synthesized material will break under external pressure. The properties of carbide are best suited to serve as this material. They have strong hardness, wear resistance, thermal stability, and good thermal conductivity. The higher the thermal conductivity, the less likely the part will break when the temperature difference changes significantly. However, it is impossible to obtain diamond composite materials by sintering diamond and silicon carbide using traditional sintering methods. This process requires high temperatures, and diamonds are converted into graphite at high temperatures. Of course, high-pressure methods can also be used to synthesize diamond and silicon carbide to obtain composite materials, but this process requires a pressure of 8.5 gigapascals. Therefore, it is not feasible to develop and produce diamond composite materials of considerable size and shape needed in a high-pressure chamber using high-pressure methods, and the cost will be prohibitive.

The new method adopted by Russian experts in developing diamond composite materials is first to process diamonds into micron-sized particles and extrude them into the required shape and size, then heat them in a vacuum and soak them in liquid silicon. At this point, the surface of the diamond is converted into graphite-like carbon and interacts with the liquid silicon. The resulting part will be a complete composite material composed of diamond powder hidden between silicon carbide. It can be substantial in size and in any shape that other methods cannot obtain.

The pre-alloyed powder can improve the holding power of diamond tools.

Pre-alloyed powder is a pre-mixed metal powder with alloying elements precisely formulated in the required proportions. Compared with traditional metal powders, pre-alloyed powders have a higher degree of alloying, a more uniform organizational structure, and more stable physical and chemical properties. Therefore, when used to prepare diamond tools, the pre-alloyed powder can significantly improve the tool’s holding power.

The pre-alloyed powder undergoes high-temperature smelting and rapid cooling during the preparation process, giving it extremely high bonding strength and crystalline integrity. This bonding force makes the interface between the diamond tool and the matrix stronger, thereby improving holding power. It has good wettability and can better adapt to the characteristics of a diamond, making the diamond better embedded in the tool and not easy to fall off.

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