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As a cutting-edge field of modern technology, Superconducting technology is gradually discovering its enormous potential and application value. To achieve widespread application of superconducting technology, many technical challenges still need to be overcome. Solving the insulation problem of superconducting materials in applications has become a key challenge.

(Epoxy resin insulator)

Characteristics of New Epoxy Resin Insulation Materials

The new epoxy resin insulation material is excellent. Compared with traditional insulation materials, the new epoxy resin insulation material has the following characteristics:

The new epoxy resin insulation material exhibits excellent insulation performance, and its high insulation resistance and low dielectric constant characteristics can effectively block the passage of current, providing a solid insulation barrier for superconducting materials.

High-temperature resistance: This material can maintain stable performance in high-temperature environments, meeting the requirements of insulation materials for the heat generated by superconducting materials during operation.

(Epoxy resin insulator)

Strong corrosion resistance: The new epoxy resin insulation material is resistant to chemicals and can resist the corrosion of various liquids and gases used in superconducting materials.

The new epoxy resin insulation material has excellent mechanical strength and hardness. It can withstand the vibration and impact that superconducting materials may encounter during operation, ensuring its stable operation.

(Epoxy resin insulator)


The Challenges and Needs of Superconducting Technology

Superconducting technology is a technique that utilizes superconducting materials to achieve special conductive properties of zero resistance and zero hysteresis at specific low temperatures. However, in practical applications, superconducting materials face two major challenges: maintaining superconductivity at high temperatures and solving the insulation problem of superconducting materials. With the development of technology, breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of high-temperature superconducting materials, but the accompanying insulation technology still needs continuous improvement.

(Epoxy resin insulator)

Application of New Epoxy Resin Insulation Materials in Superconducting Technology


Due to its excellent performance, the new epoxy resin insulation material has played an important role in applying superconducting technology. Here are some specific application scenarios:

Insulation of coils and cables: Superconducting coils are key to achieving electrical energy transmission and conversion. The new epoxy resin insulation material can provide good insulation protection for superconducting coils, ensuring the stability of current transmission. Meanwhile, this material can also provide a reliable insulation solution in applying online cables.

Protection of high-temperature superconductors: With the continuous development of high-temperature superconducting technology, the demand for protection of superconductors is becoming increasingly urgent. Due to its high-temperature resistance, the new epoxy resin insulation material can effectively protect high-temperature superconductors and extend their service life.

Manufacturing of power equipment: The application of superconducting technology in power equipment, such as superconducting generators, transformers, etc., is becoming increasingly widespread. In the manufacturing process of these devices, the new epoxy resin insulation material can provide good insulation protection, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment.

Insulation of magnet systems: Superconducting technology is crucial in magnet systems such as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and particle accelerators. The new epoxy resin insulation material can provide efficient insulation solutions for these magnet systems, improving the reliability and stability of system operation.

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