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What are the functions of boron nitride

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Introduction to Boron Nitride Powder

The industrial powder Boron Nitride a pure white ceramic material with the same hexagonal crystal structure to graphite. Boron nitride is able to withstand temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Celsius. Depending on the grade of the material, its dielectric strength could be close to 1000 volts/millimeter. Boron Nitride is hot-pressed in its form as billets, which can then be easily processed into rods or plates and even custom-designed shapes .

What exactly are roles of Boron Nitride?

1.Release agent for metal drawing and lubricant for metal drawing.

2.Special electrolysis and resistance materials that are in high temperature states.

3.High-temperature solid lubricants,extrusion anti-wear additives,additives for the production of ceramic composite materials,refractory materials and antioxidant additives,especially in the case of corrosion resistance of molten metals,heat-enhanced additives,high-temperature insulation materials.

4.Heat-sealing desiccants for transistors as well as additives for polymers , such as plastic resins.

5.Pressed into various forms of boron nitride, which can be used for heating, high-pressure, high temperature or heat dissipation equipment.

6.Thermal materials used to shield in aerospace.

7.With the aid of catalysts can be transformed to cubic boron Nitride that is as strong as diamond after high temperatures and pressure processing.

8.The material structures of the nuclear reactor.

9.Aircraft,rocket engine nozzle.

10.Insulator for high-voltage and high-frequency electricity and plasma arc.

11.Packaging materials that block the radiation of neutrons.

12.The superhard material produced by the process of boron Nitride can be converted into high-speed Drill bits and cutting equipment for geological exploration and drilling oil.

13.Separation rings for continuous cast steel in metallurgy. Flow slot for anamorphous iron, release material for continuous cast aluminum(various of optical glass release agent)

14.Make various evaporation boats to accommodate capacitor film aluminum plating,picture tube aluminum plating,display aluminum plating.

15.Various fresh-keeping aluminum-plated packaging bags,etc.

16.All types of laser anti-counterfeiting aluminum plating and hot stamping products, all kinds of beer labels, cigarette labels, packaging boxes, boxes for packaging cigarettes, etc.

17.The filler used in cosmetics for lipstick is non-toxic,lubricating and shiny.

In terms of optical application, due to the high hardness of the cBN film and its high transmittance across the entire spectrum of wavelengths from ultraviolet(from around 200 nm)to far infrared,it is suitable as a coating on the surface of certain optical components. It is particularly suitable for use as a coating of window materials such as zinc selenide(ZnSe)and zinc sulfide(ZnS).In further, it exhibits excellent resistance to thermal shock and is hard, and is anticipated to become one of the best window materials for high power devices and optical lasers.

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