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Overview of Magnesium stearate

What exactly is Magnesium Stearate ?

Magnesium is also referred to as magnesium octadecanoic, is a metallic derivative that is produced from sodium stearate and magnesium. It is a fine white powder that doesn't contain any sand. it has a distinct smell that is accompanied by a slippery sensation when it comes in contact with skin. This product is insoluble in water as well as ethanol and ether and is mostly used as an anti-adhesive agent, lubricant and glidant. It is especially suitable for the processing of extracts and oils and the granules produced have excellent fluidity and compressibility. As a flow aid for direct compression. It is also used as filters, a clarifying agent, as well as a foaming agent, and also as an additive to suspend and thickening agent for liquid preparations.

An application area of Magnesium stearate:

1. Magnesium stearate is used in medicines and health products

Magnesium stearate is an innovative alternative material that could be utilized as a film-forming material suitable for preparations of solids a thickener to prepare liquids for suspensions that are suspended, similar things. Magnesium-stearate is neither toxic nor edible. It is also frequently employed as an ingredient for health products. It is mostly used as a film coating to tablets since it allows to release health care products precisely when needed and also provide lubrication. Active ingredient.

2 . magnesium stearate is used in cosmetics

Magnesium-stearate is typically used in powdery cosmetics, like talcum, blush, powder, eye shadow, etc. It helps improve the adhesion and lubricity of different powders applied to the skin. It's primarily used to cover or smoothing. Adhesion, absorption, etc.

3. Magnesium stearate is a component of food items.

Magnesium stearate is mainly used on foods that are pressed (tablet sweets tablet, milk tablets chips and dietary fiber tablets honey tablets and so on. ) that can improve liquidity, non-stickiness and lubricity, and can improve the appearance of the tablet. The gloss makes the tablets complete and smooth and has the necessity of process addition.

Also, magnesium Stearate is also extensively used in coatings and rubbers, plastics, textiles and other areas.

It is a fantastic lubricating and dispersion stabilizing analyte. It is also useful as for a filter aid, clarifying agent, a foaming agent, and thickener and suspending agent in preparations for liquids.

Magnesium stearate The harmful substance is detrimental to human health

Magnesium Stearate is insoluble organic solutions and water and organic solutions, but it is soluble in hot acids and ethanol. If the body is exposed to magnesium stearateor magnesium stearate chemically reacts with gastric acids to create magnesium chloride and stearic acids. Magnesium chloride is soluble water . It will be able to flush it out via sweat and urine. Moreover, the acid can be consumed and absorbed by the body. Therefore, magnesium is a good choice to not cause injury to the human body.

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