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By Tara Adams Ragone
In Recommended Reading
Apr 3rd, 2012
As proof that the only news in health law does not involve the Supreme Court’s consideration of the challenge to the Affordable Care Act, here are some interesting recent articles that are worth a read: 1.      Frank McClellan and others recently released the results of their study, “Do Poor People Sue Doctors More Frequently? Confronting […]...
By Jordan T. Cohen
In Reform Rodeo
Sep 7th, 2010
[Ed. Note: HRW welcomes back Jordan Cohen from his work in Washington at HHS this summer– the place just wasn’t the same without him] Waste: The New York Times provides an overview of a new study detailing health care wastefulness — which the Times reports as being the first study to quantify the problem. Berwick’s […]...
By Frank Pasquale
In Proposed Legislation
Dec 19th, 2009
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It looks like there are now 60 votes behind the “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, and the set of amendments to it released today. For the sake of this post, I will assume that this Senate bill will basically be the template for health insurance reform. Given all the twists and turns of […]...