Medical Malpractice Reform

By Suzan Y. Sanal
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Sep 10th, 2012
[Ed. note, we are pleased to welcome Suzan Sanal to HRW. A second year law student at Seton Hall University School of Law pursuing a Health Law concentration, she is a representative of Seton Hall’s Health Law Forum and is presently interning at the Community Health Law Project, a New Jersey based nonprofit advocacy and […]...
By Tara Adams Ragone
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Apr 3rd, 2012
As proof that the only news in health law does not involve the Supreme Court’s consideration of the challenge to the Affordable Care Act, here are some interesting recent articles that are worth a read: 1.      Frank McClellan and others recently released the results of their study, “Do Poor People Sue Doctors More Frequently? Confronting […]...
By Tara Adams Ragone
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Jun 23rd, 2011
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Michael Ricciardelli’s recent post concerning a judge-directed negotiation pilot program in the Bronx to facilitate early resolution of medical malpractice cases reminded me of another idea to improve our expensive, expert-deadlocked, malpractice litigation system: hot tubbing. I first heard this term (related to litigation, that is) earlier this Spring when a fo...
By Michael Ricciardelli
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Jun 16th, 2011
A recent article in the New York Times by William Glaberson on a form of fast track medical malpractice resolution being piloted in the Bronx is well worth a read and some consideration. The program puts a judge with better than average medical knowledge, assisted by a nurse with legal training, at the center of […]...
By Frank Pasquale
In Public Health
May 31st, 2011
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Reconsidering Law and Policy Debates: A Public Health Perspective, edited by John Culhane, is a superb collection of thought-provoking essays which features some of the most well-regarded health law scholars in the US. It also includes contributors from schools of public health, public affairs, and public administration. The chapters are uniformly well-written and inst...