Electronic Health Records

By Amy Catapano
In Electronic Medical Records
Feb 7th, 2012
Since the data breach notification regulations by HHS went into effect in September 2009, 385 incidents affecting 500 or more individuals have been reported to HHS, according to its website. A total of 19 million individuals have been affected by a large data breach since 2009. The regulations require a covered entity that discovers a […]...
By Regina V. Ram
In Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Sep 1st, 2011
In an effort to keep up with advancing technology, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed new regulations to monitor medical smartphone applications (apps). The draft proposal states that any mobile app that is intended for use in performing a medical device function meets the definition of a medical device under the Federal Food, […]...
By Frank Pasquale
In Electronic Medical Records
Mar 17th, 2011
The Washington Post recently featured Lena Sun’s reporting on why many physicians are wary of adopting an electronic medical records system.  As noted in the piece, Many are aware that beginning this year, health-care professionals who effectively use electronic records can each receive up to $44,000 over five years through Medicare or up to $63,750 […]...
By Jordan T. Cohen
In Electronic Medical Records
Jan 3rd, 2010
Issues surrounding the implementation of health information technology (HIT) have not garnered anywhere near the amount of attention as issues such as the public plan, the intersection of abortion and health insurance, pre-existing condition provisions, etc. There are a variety of reasons for this. First, HIT is not as accessible as these other issues. Discussions [&he...