Social Justice

By Kate Greenwood
In Seton Hall Law
Nov 14th, 2014
Seton Hall Law’s Rachel Godsil is the lead author of a newly-released report, The Science of Equality Volume 1: Addressing Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety, and Stereotype Threat in Education and Health Care. The report “details how unconscious phenomena in our minds –implicit bias, racial anxiety, and stereotype threat–impact our education and health care sys...
By John V. Jacobi
In Health Insurance
May 28th, 2014
Cross-Posted at HealthLawProf Blog An article on the front page of Memorial Day’s New York Times highlights an emerging health access concern for undocumented persons.  Hospitals – one of the few points of entry for undocumented persons to health care – are erecting barriers to care for the poor, on the grounds that the poor […]...
By Frank Pasquale
In Drug Pricing
Apr 21st, 2011
One rare point of elite consensus is that the US needs to reduce health care costs. Frightening graphs expose America as a spendthrift outlier. Before he decamped to Citigroup, the President’s OMB director warned about how important it was to “bend the cost curve.” The President’s opponents are even more passionate about austerity. Journalists a...
By Frank Pasquale
In Social Justice
Dec 12th, 2010
Remember the massive 500 million egg recall back in August? At least 2,000 people reported illness from the eggs; countless others may have mistakenly blamed their misery on some other source of food poisoning. We are now beginning to understand how regulatory pathologies beyond the usual capture story allowed this entirely preventable outbreak of salmonella. […...
By Frank Pasquale
In Global Health
Jul 25th, 2010
According to a recent study in The Lancet, “The world’s wealthiest two billion people get 75 percent of all the surgery done each year, while the poorest two billion get only 4 percent and often die or live in misery as a result.” It’s a striking fact; how are we to interpret it? There are […]...