Help Haiti

By Pooja Awatramani
In Global Health
Feb 4th, 2010
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This past Sunday, the White House resumed military airlift of injured Haitians into the United States.  The halt on incoming Haitian patients had happened just days earlier, springing from the economic and logistic fears of many state officials of Florida, where the majority of patients from Haiti were being sent for care.  After finding a solution to the hospital capa...
By Pooja Awatramani
In Global Health
Jan 25th, 2010
The BBC recently reported that medical organizations with members serving the Haitian communities affected by the earthquake on January 12th warn that one of the larger issues for Haitians will likely be the need for increased medical supplies, such as prosthetic devices and rehabilitation services. Concerned about infection, doctors in Haiti have had to amputate [&hel...
By John V. Jacobi
In Help Haiti
Jan 13th, 2010
Those looking for means to get help quickly to the people of Haiti, devastated by an earthquake, should consider an emergency donation to Partners in Health.  PIH has a long track record of providing excellent health care directly to the people of Haiti.  It has personnel in the country, and facilities available to provide help.  […]...