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boozang1232James J. Fishman’s Stealth Preemption:  The I.R.S.’s Nonprofit Corporate Governance Initiative, recently posted on SSRN, joins the growing chorus of critics of the IRS’s preemption of state nonprofit corporate law via the addition of an entire “governance section” to Forms 1023 and 990.  The underlying hypothesis is, of course, that by virtue of asking particularized questions regarding governance, the IRS will affect changes to facilitate the provision of the “right” answers on the respective forms; the IRS specifically acknowledges that no federal tax law addresses most of the issues about which it inquires.  The article is a great survey of the bases of criticism of the IRS foray into governance reform, particularly as it applies to the medium to small nonprofit.  It also catalogues examples of applicants being denied 501(c) (3) exemption as a result of concerns about, for example, conflicts of interest which, Fishman explains, the IRS appears to believe are per se bad, without an acknowledgement of why they may be necessary and appropriate for the small nonprofit, and can be managed, as is required by state law, to avoid foreseeable evils.  An important theme of Fishman’s article is the lack of empirical data showing that the IRS’s structural governance preferences actually have a positive substantive impact on the operation of nfps.

John D. Columbo’s The NCAA, Tax Exemption, and College Athletics, 2010 U.Ill. L. Rev. 109 is simply fun for those academics who enjoy complaining about the outrageous salaries of coaches, or who flinch at the reference to the “scholar athlete.”  More relevantly, however, Columbo’s article comprehensively outlines the doctrine relevant to analyzing the sparse legal guidance available regarding the assessment of the reasonableness of executive compensation, and whether it violates the prohibition on inurement or excess private benefit. This analysis is timely as well: the IRS may be on the verge of  delving into the salaries of coaches as part of its college audits. The article also makes incredibly accessible UBIT analysis, also of importance in teaching health law.  Like most of Columbo’s work, he makes hard concepts seem easy. As the IRS may be taking a closer look at coaches’ salaries.

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