Reform Rodeo

By Jordan T. Cohen
In Health Reform
February 7, 2010
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Photo by David Monniaux

Photo by David Monniaux

1. Health Reform Post-Brown: Kaiser Health News Staff Writer Jenny Gold discusses the Democrats’ seemingly new strategy of focusing on repealing health insurers’ antitrust exemption.

2. Bending the Curve, Success Story: Maggie Mahar over at Health Beat has a wonderful overview of  Maryland’s successful approach to reducing health care costs.

3. Comparative Effectiveness: Dr. Nortin Hadler offers a forceful and nuanced view on the role of comparative effectiveness research.

4. Medicare and Technology: The New England Journal of Medicine has an interesting piece on how Medicare determines which health-related technologies to reimburse.

5. Quack Attack: Over at Science-based Medicine, Dr. Steven Novella covers the retraction of Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 article that claimed to link autism with the mumps-measles-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

6. Neuro News: The New York Times reports on how new studies may question some bedside techniques used to diagnosis the degree of brain activity in severely brain-injured patients.

7. Bonus: For those interested in more health-related links, Joe Paduda at Managed Care Matters hosts the current Health Wonk Review

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